About Lee

About Lee KernLee Kern is a lifelong artist, outdoorsman, and well-known personality, residing in Red Lodge, Montana, near the source of his primary medium, fallen Rocky Mountain juniper. Lee began crafting beautiful juniper lamps and tables in the 1980s. Over the decades, he applied his methods to increasingly complex pieces, such as desks, beds, lamp tables, and signature rockers, while preserving the natural context and expressing the natural beauty of Montana’s juniper. In addition to his wide array of natural wood furniture product, he has also evolved a style of wood-carving, painting, and sculpting that has further established the uniqueness of his work. At Lee’s showroom just north of Red Lodge there is an array of beautiful furniture made of juniper and other natural and exotic woods, as well as elaborately ornate carved creations and many life-size sculpted animals decorating the grounds of the “Rocky Fork Barn” showroom.

Lee’s other passion is the great outdoors. When not crafting furniture and art he is usually in the hills and mountains surrounding Red Lodge or visiting other natural areas around the globe. He’s an avid mountain climber, having climbed many of Montana’s highest peaks as well as some of the world’s higher summits. He’s an enthusiastic trail runner, having completed many hundred-mile mountain endurance runs. Lee also has a passion for the flora and fauna of the natural world. He’s an enthusiastic bird-watcher and loves an occasional exotic jungle adventure. And for more casual adventures he enjoys cycling tours in Europe and elsewhere. Now in his early sixties Lee does less of the big mountain climbs and endurance runs and more of the casual trail running, cycling, and tropical bird-watching.